Being Salmon Being Human


The exhibition EN DIÁLOGO CON LA MAR gathered original photographs by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and put them into dialogue with 16 international contemporary artists who reflected on Captain Cousteau’s idea of the conservation of the ocean through video, photography, drawing, performance, painting and contemporary jazz music. Knowledge reveals and inspires, it helps us to appreciate what exists and to establish a dialogue with existence. Cousteau showed us the submarina life, discovered magic worlds in times when the science of discovering the underwater world was extremely difficult.

He helped the human being to enter mentally into unknown oceanic environments in order to reveal the beauty and fragility of the underwater world. In Mexico the exhibition attracted more than 15.000 visitors in only 4 weeks, a lot of them young people from local schools who were guided through the exhibition accompanied by short workshops regarding the conservation of nature.

La Isla Hundida, educational program


LA ISLA HUNDIDA is an interactive and educational art performance including artistic workshops by Spanish artist Javier Velasco and curator Anne-Marie Melster to bring climate change and related issues to the children. LA ISLA HUNDIDA (The Drowned Island).

Lina Vincent Sunish


As a commission for GOOD FOOD COP23 by ARTPORT_making waves, the artist Sam Hopkins (UK/Kenya) has developed the installation The Ministry of Plastic (touring exhibition) which stages a future in which the finite reserves of the world have been depleted. The Ministry of Plastic (touring exhibition) displays a collection of confiscated plastic objects, videos, and texts to inculcate future citizens with a sense of responsibility about how to use plastic appropriately. This performative installation represents an amnesty for citizens who have unlawfully removed plastic from the increasingly perfect system of consumption and production. Visitors to the installation should be aware that they may be required to divest themselves of any unlawful plastic which may consequently be exhibited as an example to the greater public.

With support of innogy Stiftung für Energie und Gesellschaft


Barthélémy Toguo has created Bandjoun Station, an integrated artist residency and farm in his native Cameroon that links art and sustainable agriculture. Local youth and foreign guests came together to learn artistic, environmental, agricultural, and social practices that promote self-sufficiency and sustainable farming in view of the agricultural crisis and climate change.

ARTPORT_making waves presented a screening of the documentary “Bandjoun Station” by Thierry Spitzer and workshops by Toguo, where he talked about his project and created a collective artwork with students from the Lycée Maximilien Vox.