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Insa Winkler (for Germany)
Michelle-Marie Letelier (for Germany)
Sophia Bulgakova (for the Netherlands)
Tue Greenfort (for Denmark)

WE ARE OCEAN_WADDEN SEA brings together a diversity of stakeholders in and around the region in three different countries (Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands).

The project will give a voice to the local people, the most engaged caretakers of the environment, and connect them with artists, scientists, policy-makers and educators to join forces and make the importance of a healthy Wadden Sea habitat visible.

The project – which we aim at transforming into a movement – will gather regional artists and connect them with thinkers, scientists, fishermen, writers, educators, students and civil society in general.

It will start as a trilateral project in 2021 and physically taking place in 2022 in the three selected regions and has the potential to grow to a city- or region-spanning program over several years.

WE ARE OCEAN WADDEN SEA is an interactive journey created by ARTPORT_making waves, curated by Anne-Marie Melster in partnership with the Wadden Sea Forum delivered by a group of artists in Germany, Denmark, and The Netherlands wherein a first part local students will reflect on the effects of climate change on the Wadden Sea and how this is affecting the ecosystems and the culture of the land.

The exact schedule will be published soon.

First event: Tuesday, 8 June 2021. 4-5 pm CET to celebrate World Oceans Day: https://meet.jit.si/Trilateral-Waddensea-Forum

Introduction – What about the Wadden Sea?
The Wadden Sea – Experienced, explored and narrated Artists working with the Wadden Sea
Artistic Video: Michelle-Marie Letelier: Outline for the Bonding Interview Video about the World Heritage Visitors Center


Anne-Marie Melster, ARTPORT_making waves Insa Winkler or Michelle-Marie Letelier, artists Karsten Reise, former AWI Sylt Juliana Köhler, World Heritage Visitor Center Frank Ahlhorn, Wadden Sea Forum.

Partners: Wadden Sea Forum, Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitors Center, UN Ozeandekade Deutschland, SubCTech

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