ARTPORT_making waves is an international curatorial collective focusing on art projects that explore climate change and sustainability. Established in 2006, ARTPORT_making waves has organized numerous innovative art and cultural projects that promote tolerance, sustainable development, and the common good. The aim is to raise awareness of socially relevant issues and to stimulate public discussion for positive change.

ARTPORT_making waves has drawn attention to the causes, consequences, and possible solutions of climate change through themed exhibitions, film productions, competitions, workshops, conferences and educational programs.

ARTPORT_making waves is an unparalleled pioneer in its field and has brought together experts from various sectors, notably the arts, academia, education, and politics, and has collaborated with numerous leading international organizations, including the United Nations, governments, schools, universities, museums, and festivals.

ARTPORT_making waves was founded by Anne-Marie Melster and Corinne Erni. Originating in New York and Valencia, it has grown into a reputable international art network. ARTPORT_making waves is registered as a non-profit association in Germany, France, Spain, and Switzerland; in the USA it is fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).

Our Team advocating for a sustainable future since 2006.

Lina Nakazawa
Lina Nakazawa-Piras

Project coordinator, Paris

Anne-Marie Melster
Anne-Marie Melster

Co-Founder, Executive Director, Chief Curator

Lina Vincent Sunish
Lina Vincent Sunish

Associate Curator India

Julia Moritz
Julia Moritz

Associate Curator, Germany

Alexandrina Pereira
Alexandrina Pereira

Associate Adviser, London

Blanca de la Torres
Blanca de la Torre

Associate Curator Spain

Eleonora Isunza de Pech
Eleonora Isunza de Pech

Project coordinator Mexico

Violeta Garín

Project coordinator, Spain

Marc Johnson

President, ARTPORT_making waves France

Vanina Saracino
Vanina Saracino

Associate Film Curator

Cristiana Voinov


Our Advisory Board

Wise recommendations given by trusted peers secure our mission,
ensure transparency and help achieve the best practice in our not-for-profit environment.

Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh is a Climate Change and Sustainable Development professional
Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh

Founder and Chief Executive Worldview Impact Foundation

Dr. Thomas Bruhn is a physicist working transdisciplinarily as a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam
Dr. Thomas Bruhn

Physicist - Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)

Corinne Erni
Corinne Erni

Co-founder ARTPORT_making waves, Curator of Special Projects Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, USA

Catherine Cullen
Catherine Cullen

Former Deputy Mayor for Culture, Lille, France

Nick Nuttall
Nick Nuttall

Strategic Communications Director for Earth Day 2020


We are proud to have been working since our foundation in 2006 with major governmental institutions, not-for-profit entities, think-tanks, museums, schools, universities, film festivals, collections as well as the civil society to raise awareness, call-to-action and inspire change for a sustainable future.

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