Join WE ARE OCEAN Mar Balear on a Journey of Art and Science to Protect Our Ocean!

DATE + TIME: Monday, June 10th, 9:00 AM – Friday, June 14th, 2:00 PM

LOCATION: Casal de Barri El terreno – Carrer de Lacy, 3, Ponent, 07015 Palma, Illes Balears


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Traducciones al Castellano y al Catalán a continuación.


Empowering youth for social-environmental change!

CEIP El Terreno students

WE ARE OCEAN Mar Balear is emerging!

Join our interdisciplinary project of Art – Science – Environmental Education to protect the Corals in the Balearic Sea!

Thanks to the European funds from Probleu Schools, boys and girls from 5th and 6th grade at CEIP el Terreno had the opportunity to dive into a world of art and science to protect our ocean, contributing to Mission Ocean EU. This educational program which will take place in the Casal de Barri in el Terreno (Palma).

This project have been co-led by ARTPORT_mw and Positive LAB (Coordinator project in the Balearic Sea), with support from other local actors such as the Ona Futura Foundation, Associació de veïns Bellver d’El Terreno.

Its aim is to empower youth in the protection of corals and the ocean at large.

WE ARE OCEAN is a global interdisciplinary art program aimed at raising awareness about our interdependence with the ocean. This program is endorsed by UNESCO as part of the UN Ocean Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) until 2030.


The  Mission of our program  WE ARE OCEAN Mar Balear is to discover, through art and science, the beauty of the corals in our sea and empower the youth of the territory of the Balearic Sea to become active actors in marine protection.


Educational workshops combining art & science: a unique immersion in the world of art and marine science through workshops co-directed by artist Miguel Sbastida and Anne-Marie Melster with the collaboration of marine science expert Sandra Mallol from IOE-CESIC.

Special Events: where young people present the co-created works and share their visions with community leaders.

Collaboration opportunities: we want to collaborate with educational institutions, non-profit organizations, companies, and other stakeholders interested in marine conservation to multiply the project in the Balearic Sea.


First WE ARE OCEAN Balearic Sea Project Campaign

Upcoming Events

From June 10th to 13th, children will explore the corals of our sea through a series of workshops led by artist Miguel Sbastida @msbastida, scientist from IOE-CSIC Sandra Mallol @csicbalears, and @annemariemelster, founder of @ARTPORT_mw.

Focus and Target Audience

We focus on marine ecology, climate change, Mediterranean corals, and coral reef restoration. Our workshops target teenagers aged 10 to 16, with special attention to vulnerable youth.

Expected Results and Impact

We aim for 500 students from schools in the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, and the Valencian Community to participate in our program. We will create a collective artwork and promote collective awareness about marine protection. Additionally, we will generate communication content to share our experience at local and international events, as well as on social media.

Join WE ARE OCEAN Mar Balear and be part of the change to protect our Ocean!

Attention to all schools in the Balearic Islands!

Contact us now to learn how you can empower your students to become ocean protectors!



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