“WE ARE OCEAN Jakarta-Venice-Stockholm The Walk”

Our contribution to Earth Day 2021



Tita Salina and Irwan Ahmett


Barena Bianca (artist duo, Pietro Consolandi & Fabio Cavallari)


Asa Andersson
Carl Michael von Hausswolff


Anne-Marie Melster


Type of work: Interactive walk

Participants: students of an art school (only Stockholm)

Partners: TBA21-Academy, Ocean Space, WeDontHaveTime, Stockholm Art Week

Supported by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)


Linking three cities in different global regions with similar coastal issues and engage the public through a walk, discussions and film screenings regarding ocean protection.

The Project will draw attention to the cause of ocean protection, stimulate public engagement despite of the pandemic, inspire particularly the younger participants to become part of an exciting and meaningful international art and ocean protection project and change their daily pandemic routine. Through the activities around 22 April and the further developments (Earth Day is only the starting point), young people will engage more with the ocean surrounding them, will help them to be creative and courageous to speak about their dreams around the future ocean and how they can become part of a global movement, exchanging ideas and impressions, sending messages to other young people across the ocean.


The ocean is as dependent on us, humankind, as we are on the ocean. It is time to act, we talked a lot already. WE ARE OCEAN Venice – Jakarta – Stockholm will engage civil society to start to take action by joint activities and commitments. Through the below mentioned activities we aim at intensifying public engagement bringing together local citizens, artists, museum staff, local politicians, scientists, school children, NGOs, educators and more stakeholders.

The collaborative project between WE ARE OCEAN Venice (with the artist duo Barena Bianca) and WE ARE OCEAN Jakarta (here with the artists Tita Salina and Irwan Ahmett) which is based on walking the coastal lines of Jakarta and Venice, both with similar marine issues (contaminated marshes, pollution, sunken islands and more mysteries) will connect with the city of Stockholm (here with the artists Asa Andersson and the curator and creative mind behind WE ARE OCEAN Anne-Marie Melster) (Stockholm and Venice have the topic of cruise ships in common) to create a “WE ARE OCEAN Venice – Jakarta -Stockholm Healing Promenad” on 21 April 2021 and an online gathering on 22 April 2021 as part of Earth Day.

The project will connect people (in a corona-safe way) through a walk along the water lines of Stockholm, speaking about
the importance of ocean health and how impacting our anthropocentric activities are, people collecting images, videos, impressions of the walk which they can transform into contributions to the project also by poems, short stories, drawings etc.

Walk 1
Ziarah Utara for WE ARE OCEAN

Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina Jakarta

Ziarah Utara / Pilgrimage to the North (2018-current) is an artistic spontaneous action as artists living in Jakarta, one of Asia megacities that’s been struggling in facing an apocalyptic catastrophe. Without a serious handling, 2/3 of the land area will be sinking. We were walking through disputed land, contested coastline, contaminated mangrove forest and observing mutant fish due to the collapsing of ecological carrying capacity.

On the next walk, which will involve local communities and selected participants (also limited due to pandemic) we plan to record everything we would experience.

We plan to absorb through the body as a fascinating recording medium, optimise the whole body senses then transcript memories as strong inherent experiences into personal story telling as to reconnect the relationship with sea we have continuously abused for a very long period of time. Through walk we hope to retrieve the dying soul of the ocean while it waits good news from humans that never arrived.

Walk 2
Onde / Waves for WE ARE OCEAN

Barena Bianca Venice

Onde / Waves is the first step of an inquiry carried out by Barena Bianca on the threshold space between the lagoon of Venice and the Adriatic Sea represented by the barrier islands of Lido and Pellestrina. This will initially be performed through a walk covering the 15 km of the historical “Murazzi” (literally “big walls”), built in the XVIII century in an attempt to protect the city from the rising tides and storm surges. Such phenomena, called “acqua alta” (literally “high water”), have always existed, but have dramatically increased in the last century, rising from less than 10 per decade until

the 40s to almost 100 in the 2010s. During
the walk Barena Bianca will get to meet the residents, recording their stories and localized knowledge, focusing on the relationship between them, the lagoon and the sea, mediated by the seawall system.

The artists will bring with them a mobile lamp, lighting it up in specific points particularly loaded with spiritual, natural and historical energy. The humans who inhabit these liminal spaces will hold this lamp, enabling them to “shed light” on this deep bond, analyzing it also from an urban and social perspective, entangled in economic and landscape development. This project is connected to “Ziarah Utara” by Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina, a walk happening in Jakarta, for many reasons a sister city to Venice also facing irresponsible development, subsidence, pollution and increasingly devastating floods.

Walk 3
Healing Promenad for WE ARE OCEAN

private walk with art students (corona safe) starting at Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, 21 April 15:30 hrs / 3:30 pm CET

Åsa Andersson Stockholm

“The earth has a form of acupuncture system the same way as humans have. We even call planets heavenly bodies. That acupuncture system was once used to heal people in Sapmi too by Gunstars or healers formerly known as Nåjder. I learned this as a small kid by a relative who was a gunstar. Later on I went to Beijing to study acupuncture and got stunned by the similarities in the 2 systems, so far geographically apart, also given that my relative was an illiterate and learned the art from his ancestors. Knowledge by word and blood, slowly fading through each generation. I would like to revive this way of (re-)connecting to earth and synchronize human and non-human bodies. Humans are more utilitarian today and often care only about “useful” places. So, by narrative and storytelling, seemingly insignificant and even ugly places can turn significant again, maybe even beautiful. “ (Åsa Andersson)

The 1,5 hours walk led by Sami healing artist Åsa Andersson will reconnect with the nature hidden under the concrete and industrial railway site and the area surrounding Bonniers Konsthall. The artist will lead the small group of participants to so-called acupuncture points, places where people can connect to the hidden energy and refill their batteries. The urban area is a so-called non- space with insignificant stretches of transport roads, a place which seems to be low on energy, but the artist, building upon her Sámi traditional knowledge, will research specific places with specific powers of healing, leading the participating group to them so that they can reflect about what it means to be a part of nature and not only of an urban context.


On 22 April 2021, Earth Day, from 15 hrs / 3 pm to 17 hrs / 5 pm CET an online fishbowl discussion, a talk, an interview, a screening with videos from Jakarta, Venice and Stockholm will be organized hosted by Ocean Space Venice (to be confirmed) through Zoom with Youtube and Facebook Live Streamings. Details will follow soon.

Barena Bianca

Barena Bianca collective (Fabio Cavallari and Pietro Consolandi) barenabianca.earth

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tba21 academy


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