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ARTPORT_making waves is linking the fields of art and climate change with a new international project that is drawing attention to the interdependence between food, agriculture, energy and climate change through an interdisciplinary incubator program in India as well as Germany. ARTPORT teamed up a network of partners and participants in five Indian cities. These include, among others, educational institutions, art organizations, urban farmers, non-governmental organizations, artists, writers and policymakers.

The cities will be linked through conferences, workshops, exhibitions, screenings and performances from 2017 until the end of 2018.

A detailed program and the list of the artists and partners will be published soon.

The idea:

India is a country that is largely dependent on agriculture, and the system and impacts of climate change have placed great challenges on the population in recent years. We would like to address this issue artistically and create solutions and sensitization in both India and Germany. The program, consisting of individual cooperation projects, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, screenings, and performances, will be held at five locations in India, where agriculture contributes significantly to the domestic GDP. The projects will create cooperation between organizations (in the private and public sectors), individual participants and entire communities while bringing focus on sustainable food production, processing, and consumption. Art acts as a catalyst for change and becomes an interface for the debate; it is also the link membrane to sustainable agriculture, recycling, cooking & nutrition, energy, education, non-profit, technology and agricultural sciences.

GOOD FOOD will also have a high visibility in Germany. We will create connection and exchange points with the general public in North-Rhine Westphalia in Bonn as part of the UN Climate Conference COP23 in November 2017 through conferences, interactive art installations, workshops, screenings and performances in the public space putting the subject into a contemporary art context.

In the Indian cities, ARTPORT is working with a cross-section of organizations like Trans-Disciplinary University and Daily Dump, Bangalore, Aiyor Bai farms and ADFI (Architecture and Design Foundation) Hyderabad; ArtOxygen and NineFish gallery Mumbai, and C-Green and Navadanya, Delhi. Among the artists participating with projects are Archana Hande, Baptist Coelho, Sharmila Samant, Anjana Kothamachu and Waylon Desouza.

Confirmed artists, panelists, experts and partner institutions for COP23 in Bonn are: Sam Hopkins (UK/Kenya/Germany), Tino Sehgal (UK/Germany), Yugratna Srivastava (India: Plant-for-the-Planet), Motsomi Maletjane (UNFCCC Bonn), Lynn Wilson (SeaTrust Institute Seattle), Innogy Foundation, Bonner Klimabotschafter, Kunstmuseum Bonn, UN COP23 (list to be completed soon)

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