Image: We Are Ocean Wadden Sea project Denmark

“WE ARE OCEAN Wadden Sea – Denmark

WE ARE OCEAN Wadden Sea, our interdisciplinary journey to bring the Wadden Sea to the people and the people to the Wadden, comes to a conclusion. We started it in 2021 as a trilateral collaboration Germany-The Netherlands-Denmark. Now the third and last part will be held in Denmark.

After having worked with more than one hundred young people on the Dutch and German North Sea Wadden Sea coast last summer with a focus on the topics of sustainable fishing, fish trap fishing, the sensuality of the Wadden Sea, we will now build on the former results and together with the German artist Insa Winkler and the participating school students create a narrative on how the Wadden Sea influences their lives.

We are excited that we finally went to Denmark

to conclude the trilateral project Ocean Literacy is dear to us and through this immersive workshop we aim and implementing ocean based literacy to replace the usual land based literacy within the young community.

We visited the small town of Skaerbaek where the renowned architect Bjarne Ingels built the MARSK Tower. Right there at MARSK Camp on August 22, 2023, we hosted the last school workshop, bringing the Wadden Sea to the young people and vice versa.

The German artist Insa Winkler guided the young participants from the two local schools, Ungdomsskolen from Ribe and the Toender Gymnasium, through a Wadden Sea painting workshop. Together, they created a collective artwork guided by their senses.

We loved speaking about the richness of the Wadden Sea in our workshops, and we loved creating something long-term, something meaningful and sensual together with the artists and young participants.

WE ARE OCEAN Wadden Sea is part of the WE ARE OCEAN Global Program and was endorsed by UNESCO for the UN Ocean Decade! We made Ocean Literacy artistic and sexy!

We thank our funders, the Deutsche Postcodelotterie, The Stiftung Niedersachsen and our faithful partner The Lighthouse Foundation, for their kind support. And we also would like to give our thanks to The Marsk Camp who are hosting us and helping us to implement the project.