WE ARE OCEAN Berlin+Brandenburg Book, graphic design sheet, concrete poetry by Studio Anugraha, Mumbai, 2022

“WE ARE OCEAN Berlin+Brandenburg Book

The WE ARE OCEAN Berlin+Brandenburg publication reflects the respective project in Berlin and Brandenburg conducted in 2019 by Lisa Rave, and curated by Anne-Marie Melster and Julia Moritz. It narrates the story of how art can make a difference in the context of ocean protection through essays, short scientific texts, curatorial statements, and educational reflections.

The book is giving a voice to all participants of the book and invited renowned writers and curators like TJ Demos, Stefanie Hessler, and Julia Moritz as well as the leading marine biologist and director of the Alfred-Wegener-Institut Antje Boetius to contribute with specific texts.

The book and the project are introduced by the artistic director of the WE ARE OCEAN Global Program and co-founder and director of ARTPORT_making waves.

Studio Anugraha from Mumbai created the graphic design based on their research about sustainable book production, particularly for this publication.

The editors Anne-Marie Melster and Marc Johnson were supported by the curator Lina Vincent, who accompanied the graphic design production in India.

Our generous funder the Postcode Lotterie DT gGmbH made it possible to gather the voices of this project in a meaningful publication with international voice. It is published in German and English and will reach the public in fall 2022.

More details and images will follow soon.