An exhibition at the intersection of Art, Gender, and Climate Change
The exhibition (RE-) CYCLES OF PARADISE, originally commissioned by IUCN: International Union for Conservation of Nature, Global Gender and Climate Alliance, UNDP – United Nations Development Programme and several European governments for COP15 in Copenhagen, aimed to raise awareness about the interrelation of gender and climate change. The exhibition highlighted an important issue which is part of the latest social and global discussions about ecological change on our planet: That of the effects of climate change on women’s lives, and the role of women as agents of change. In nearly all societies, cultures, and religions, the woman stands for the creation of life, for nurturing and care-taking.

And yet, despite these powerful, mythical attributes, women are not only suffering most from social, cultural, and religious inequality but also from the consequences of nature thrown out of balance. This exhibition brought together artists from all over the world who wanted to make a strong statement in favor of justice and sustainability.